Information about the region

Information about the region

Ulytau region (kaz. Ulytau oblysy, Ūlytau oblysy) is a region in the central part of Kazakhstan, formed on June 8, 2022. The climate is sharply continental and extremely arid. The administrative center of the region is the city of Zhezkazgan.

In 1973 - 1997, the Dzhezkazgan region existed as part of the Kazakh SSR and Kazakhstan, which, as a result of the administrative reform of 1997, became part of the Karaganda region. In the 18th century, the tribes of the Middle Zhuz lived on the territory of the Ulytau region: Argyns (subgenus Karakesek and Atygai), Naimans (subgenus Baganals and Baltals), Kypshaks (subgenera Bultyn, Uzyn and Tor), there was also a genus Zhana Kyrgyz, who was not part of the zhuzes.



188 936,61 sq. km.


Neighboring regions and countries:

  • in the north - Kostanay
  • in the northeast and east - Karaganda
  • in the southeast - Zhambyl
  • in the south - Turkestan and Kyzylorda
  • in the west - Aktobe


Climatic conditions

  • Sharply continental.
  • The average annual temperature is 20-25 °C.
  • Precipitation falls 70-100 mm per year.


Geographical data

The relief is small-hill, low-mountain, hilly terrain and vast inter-hill valleys. Natural zones: steppe, semi-desert and desert.

About the Region

Copper deposits are located in the region, which is why the basis of the region's economy is metallurgy. The absence of large enterprises other than the mining and smelting plant hampers the development of the region.

The region has the potential to become the logistics center of Kazakhstan, as it links North and South, West and East. Raw materials and people can be transported more efficiently through the Zhezkazgan transit. But the infrastructure and roads do not allow this. The railway line "Zhezkazgan-Beineu" was built in the region, which connected China's railway communication with Europe and the countries of the Persian Gulf and for the export of products.


Population 221 395

(2023 жылға, адам)


GRP 104,8

(January-June 2022 to January-June 2021,%)


Inflation 19,6

(September 2022 to September 2021,%)


Average monthly salary 450 889

(I quarter 2023, tenge, estimate)


Unemployment rate 4,3

(I quarter 2023, %)

*Excluding small businesses engaged in entrepreneurial activities.

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