Investment Projects

Creation of Genetic Livestock Biotechnology Centre

  • Indicator Results
  • Investment amount, thousand US dollars 9 373
  • NPV of the Project thousand, US dollars 3 830
  • IRR, % 33,4%
  • EBITDA yield, %
  • Payback period, years 5,55
  • Discounted payback period, years - - 8,65


When reaching full capacity in 2029, the following sales volumes are planned on average per year: breeding material – 1,359 thous. doses, insemination services – 109 thous. units, genomic testing – 68 thous. units, embryo transplantation – 5 thous. units. Genomic analysis and embryo transplantation services will be offered in the domestic market of Kazakhstan. The breeding material will be sold in both the domestic market of Kazakhstan and for export to Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Russia, Mongolia, Azerbaijan and Armenia.


The investment project envisages the construction and establishment of the Genetic Livestock Biotechnology Centre. The Centre will encompass laboratories dedicated to cryopreservation, embryo transplantation and genomic analysis in the livestock breeding and personnel training. The project is being implemented on the basis of the production facilities of Asyl Tulik JSC. Currently, a 20-hectare land has been allocated for the construction of the centre in the Kabanbay village, Tselinograd district.


Asyl Tulik JSC is a major breeding centre in Kazakhstan that focuses on introducing technology for obtaining, cryopreservation, storage, and utilisation of breeding material from highly productive cattle and small ruminant. Company has 22 years of experience. Asyl Tulik JSC has at its disposal a Center for animal breeding with a cryolaboratory equipped in accordance with international standards and a sem


  • As of 2022, the coverage of artificial insemination of the breeding stock of cattle in Kazakhstan is 15% (450 thousand heads out of 3.5 million heads of breeding stock). In 2022, import of breeding material in Kazakhstan reached 3.87 million US dollars, with an increase of 207% compared to 2021.
  • Imports of breeding material to Russia in 2021 reached 25.8 million USD. In Uzbekistan, in 2021, imports of material for veterinary artificial insemination increased by 55%, reaching 147 thousand USD. In Kyrgyzstan, the volume of imports in 2021 showed a positive trend and amounted to 64 thousand USD.
Project's attractiveness

  • Company's experience and established sales: Asyl Tulik JSC is a company with 22 years of experience in the field of livestock breeding and cryopreservation of breeding material of highly productive cattle breeders. The Company has developed trade channels to Russia, Kyrgyzstan and Mongolia.
  • Untapped market: The market in Kazakhstan currently has only three cryopreservation centres and lacks embryo transplantation centres. This provides Asyl Tulik JSC with the opportunity to occupy an untapped niche and gain a significant market share within Kazakhstan.
  • Involvement of a strategic partner: Synetics, a leading genetics centre in France, is expected to contribute its expertise by providing training for local specialists in artificial insemination and embryo transplantation technology.
Investment proposal

The Project requires investment of 9,373 thousand USD (at the rate of 449 tenge), of which:

  • 100% (9,373 thousand USD) – debt financing subject to collateral.

The proposed financing structure and state support measures are indicative. The final financing structure and Project interests will be determined based on the results of negotiations with the investor.

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