Central Asia: Solar PV status update and the latest solutions

Central Asia: Solar PV status update and the latest solutions


Central Asia is ideally located to take advantage of solar energy and has vast, mostly untapped potential. Kazakhstan currently leads on installed solar capacity and the country seeks to bring its share of renewable energy to 10% by 2030 and 50% by 2050. Likewise, Uzbekistan aims to deploy significant additional renewables capacity by 2030, including 5 GW of PV.

What is new: 

  • 3 solar PV stations in Bukhara, Namangan, and Khorezm regions of Uzbekistan with a total capacity of 500 MW to be build within the Scaling Solar 3 project. The first stage of the tender is scheduled for February 2021.
  • The tender for Sherabad PV project phase II is planned for 2021, as a part of a strategy developed by Uzbekistan’s government, supported by the Asian Development Bank, to generate 1GW of solar energy.
  • The total installed capacity of solar power plants in Kazakhstan has reached 891,6 MW; among the largest projects are Burnoe-1 (50 MW) and Burnoe-2 (50 MW), Gulshat (40 MW), and Zadarya (14 MW, Trina Solar modules).  

Join us to get the updates on solar PV projects as well as the latest technological solutions.


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